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Grading Results | 18th July | posted by Midlands Kickboxing
We would like to congratulate the following students for passing their grading last week. Belts and certificates will be presented next week.
Red Belt
Eleanor Parris
Daniel Parris
Cassius Froggatt
Harrison Froggatt
Henry Stripling
Harry Beak
Charley McNamee
Georgia Corbett
Erin Wright
Neela Thiara
George Wyman
Kyra Wallace
Miriam Golding day

Yellow Belt
Jordan Tideswell
Kyra Wallace
Emily Martinez
Poppy Fisher
Darren Fisher

Orange Belt
Hanna Fletcher
Leighton Whitehead
Evie Pass
Luke Corbett
Zan Hassan

Green Belt
Maria Munden
Evie Wilkeston
Teigan Smith
Ed Casswell
Ben Precious

Blue Belt
Matt Snodin
Katie Haines
Chloe Price
Lilly Allen

Purple Belt
Sanvi Sharma
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